View Full Version : Anyone else Wear out their Copperhead?

07-29-06, 05:25 PM
Anyone elses Copperhead mouse button wear out? The nice coating on mine has rubbed off and im stuck with the hard plastic... Is this a common issue?

Heres a shot, sorry for the low quality but my digicam is broken this was taken off my phone.
http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/3718/copperheadox4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

07-29-06, 05:34 PM
Wow, thats some serious gaming right there. :D

07-29-06, 06:27 PM
lol wow man!!! Mine still looks brand new, your hardcore!

07-29-06, 06:33 PM
right click alot?

07-29-06, 06:38 PM
I hold my mouse with my full palm and my middle finger on the right button fully flat while my index finger only has the tip really pushing down on it.

But yeah I use the right button alot while working...

EDIT: So Im guessing many people haven't had this issue... Im waiting to see if Razor will cover this under warrenty.

07-29-06, 08:39 PM
I wore out the paint on the thumb area of my MX500. Took probably a year and a half to two years for that though.

07-29-06, 08:42 PM
Its about a year old i think...

07-29-06, 08:53 PM
lol oh man! Mine still looks new!

07-29-06, 09:01 PM
lol oh man! Mine still looks new!

Im H4RdC0rE!

07-29-06, 09:24 PM
Im H4RdC0rE!
Did you try contacting them yet?

07-29-06, 09:29 PM
The pic is not very clear but just from looking at the pic it looks more like it's flaking off vs wear.

07-29-06, 09:48 PM
Did you try contacting them yet?

yeah, I emailed them... waiting response.

07-29-06, 10:44 PM
Meh, my logitech G7 pwns the razor :)

07-29-06, 10:51 PM
I don't like the G7 layout, the MX510 was so great...

07-29-06, 11:49 PM
i have the same thing... it's not all rubbeed off yet, but you can see where it's starting to fade.... that's just from right clicking while playing Counter-Strike... it doesn't look too uncommon, i'm sure other people will have the problems too

07-30-06, 01:15 PM
wow, hardcore gamer!

mine is fine, the pads at the bottom are very thin and almost gone though.

07-30-06, 03:49 PM
What I want to know is does the button itself feel more worn out than the left one? It would seem as if you wore off the coating that the button has probably taken a beating as well.

07-30-06, 05:09 PM
Does it still work?

07-30-06, 05:16 PM
Works perfectly, just feels weird now...

07-30-06, 05:48 PM
Just think when you find all weapon's primary fire options. It will be like a whole new game.

07-30-06, 06:01 PM
Did you ever get a repsonse back from them, I am curious to what they will say.