View Full Version : 7950GX2 triple buffering+vsync problem

08-02-06, 01:57 AM
I have got triple buffering+vsync in COD2 and other DX Games with Dxtweaker.
However, It works in all res except 1920*1200, Any idea?
I really like triple buffering+vsync.

Xion X2
08-02-06, 07:43 AM
Welcome to the "I'm pi$$ed off that my 600$ SLi card can't triple-buffer + vsync in DirectX Club." You, sir, are the second official member (I was the first)!

I, too, couldn't believe this and ended up sending my GX2 back after three days after finding out it couldn't do this simple task (you may think it is, but it's not. The moment you enable vsync it disables TB). Actually, it's not just a problem with the GX2; it's an issue with SLi/DXTweaker. You cannot triple-buffer + vsync in DirectX with an SLi setup, which the GX2 functions as. Your only option right now if you want to do this is to go back to a single-card configuration like I have. I can actually get better performance in some games with vsync enabled on my GTX than I did my GX2 because of the lack of triple-buffering in SLi.

Hopefully Nvidia/Microsoft will fix this problem with DirectX10. It's just flipping retarded.

08-02-06, 09:05 AM
I never even used the triple buffering on my single 7950GX2. As all of my games play just fine with it.

08-02-06, 09:32 AM
I can get the TB+VSYNC+SLI works under res other than 1920*1200
I.E. 1920*1080, 1600*1200
I think it just a driver issue.

Xion X2
08-02-06, 09:56 AM
Are you sure it's triple-buffering? Because as I said, it will allow you to check the option on DXTweaker but disables it in-game if you're running vsync.

Run FRAPS and check your framerate while you're playing games. If you have any games like FEAR or Oblivion that really tax your system then benchmark one of those and see if your games are dropping in framerate suddenly like a slot-machine instead of gradually. You'll notice you'll be walking around at your refresh rate and then see it split in half or sometimes worse. Other times your framerate will cap to half of your refresh rate and sit there and flicker.

If it is, TB isn't working.

I tried every which way around this to get it to work, but apparently it's been a long-time problem with SLi. There were a number of guys on the DXTweaker thread over in the Forceware Driver forums here who couldn't get SLi compatible with DXTweaker.

08-02-06, 11:54 AM
There are some screenshots:

08-06-06, 05:30 AM
Sorry, I was wrong, the screenshots I posted is not in SLI mode.
It seems the driver 91.31 has a bug that turn my GX2 to single-GPU mode.
I resintalled the driver today, it returned to SLI mode, FPS is much higher,
I couldn't get the TB+vsync+SLI work.