View Full Version : Steam & Half Life 2 64Bit Questions

08-02-06, 10:56 AM
I'm running a dual boot with XP64

and I noticed that steam and half life 2 supports 64 bit now

when i run steam and half life 2 and episode one, they still run in 32 bit mode.

Is there patches for the on steam or should I do something else to get steam and half life 2 to run in 64 bit mode?

08-02-06, 01:45 PM
Strange, it just runs in 64-bit mode on my system. In the console it will say something if 64-bit has been enabled. I'm pretty sure it should detect your system config and just work. :confused:

08-05-06, 03:44 AM
Your cpu isn't supported to run it.


In order to run HL2 or TLC in 64bit mode, you must have Windows x64 and one of the following CPUs:

- Athlon64
- Athlon64 X2
- Athlon64 FX
- Sempron64
- Opteron
- Turion64

Unless they've added to that list you're SOL I'm guessing. I recall reading that they only supported the AMD cpu's because the intel 64 bit support at the time was pretty well tacked on and not up to par what AMD had (although I could be recalling it wrong). By all accounts the 64 bit version was buggy anyway, so it doesn't sound like you're missing a ton in any case.

08-05-06, 08:06 AM
Well you should have installed Steam and all its games under XP64, how can you expect your Steam install in XP32 to run 64bit variants of the games?

Your CPU will run the 64bit clients fine, Intels 64bit CPU's are 100% compatible to AMD's.

And the 64bit versions are not buggy in anyway, if anything they run slightly smoother.

08-05-06, 12:25 PM
Well I know a few people that ran it, and they said it was slightly faster, but buggy so I can only relate what I've heard and read.

08-06-06, 01:11 AM
out of curiousity, does 64bit offers anything visually compared to 32bit or it's just faster?

08-06-06, 07:15 AM
out of curiousity, does 64bit offers anything visually compared to 32bit or it's just faster?

Not in HL2, but if you install Farcry 64bit you can also get a texture pack for 64bit, higher textures.