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08-02-06, 10:07 PM
As far as laptops are concerned, what is better:

Intel Pentium M
Intel Core Duo

Also, what is the order of AMD's line of processors (worst to best performanmce)


08-02-06, 10:42 PM
Well, I couldn't find a list of AMD processors performance, but you should be able to research on the processors individually and line them up against other models.

As far as the Intel chips go with performance the Core Duo is faster than the Pentium M.

08-02-06, 11:52 PM
I am posting this right now from a Core Duo laptop. Core Duo > Pent M for sure. :)

08-03-06, 12:17 AM
I recently replaced a M with a Duo. Duo seems alot faster, much better for multitasking.

08-03-06, 05:21 AM
If you can hold out for about 6 weeks, wait for the Core Duo 2. Unfortunately I didn't, but the place I bought it from will do an upgrade later if I want, and it will keep the system within its warranty. :D

08-04-06, 05:54 PM
I'm not looking to buy but was just curious. I wasn't sure and I wanted to know.