View Full Version : Yikes, when game patches get as large as Windows Service Packs

Son Goku
08-03-06, 06:46 AM
Well, I just bought World of Warcraft yesterday while at the store. Yeah, I know, it's been out awhile, though until last October I didn't have a comp that was really up to snuff with newer computers; and well as to games that require subscriptions, I had other things I had to take care of financially, then...

Anyhow, logging in, the patch is a sizeable 454 MB, which is right up there with Windows Service Packs since the win2k days and on :eek: Course, I installed it, while also downloading the complete 3rd doctor of Doctor Who (a 42 GB download); but in any case, lets just say on a broadband connection, it's sorta painful ;) Probably won't be able to get in there, well for awhile...

One thing I did run into installing, and I'm not sure if it's

- Bad CDs
- Blizzard using some newer "copy protection" scheme that doesn't work well with the DVD drive I used to install (did get the drive back in 2001 or there abouts, so it is an older drive)
- Something with Vista beta 2

But after it started the install, when it requested other CDs, I had to put them in the CD drive an indeterminate number of times, before the presence of a CD would even be recognized. The drive light would flash once, nothing would happen, it wouldn't accept the CD being in there, and "My Computer" showed "CD unknown" in properties, act as if no CD was in there.

After, sometimes a few times opening and closing the CD, playing around, putting it back in, closing it with nothing in there, and whatever, it would finally recognize the CD and carry on install from there.

Other CDs are read just fine, though Event Viewer did give several recent warnings about "CD 1 has bad block..."

I say this, because a beta OS does leave some iffy parts. However Event Viewer does suggest it could be some bad CDs, but 4 of 5 all having the same prob? On the other hand, Blizzard has used anti-copy protection in the past (though the Diablo II and xpack CDs are read just fine in that drive) that didn't always play with older drives. Well I do have 2 other CD/DVD drives I could try. Barring that, and if it isn't bad CDs, then getting the CDs read was a bit messy...

08-03-06, 06:51 AM
Yep, it's been going on for a while. :) Splinter Cell patches, FEAR patches, etc etc.

Son Goku
08-03-06, 06:57 AM
With game patches getting this large, and growing still; we almost could use speed boosts from our ISPs (an upgrade to each tier for the broadband packages) to help compensate (pirate)

Only 43% done now, and still going. Estimating a half hour remaining...

Well, at least I'm gathering, these rather gargantuan patches aren't updated as often as EverQuest patches were (where one could end up needing to patch up almost daily). 400+ MB downloads on almost every login, would get people, well :D

Edit: Well got the big patch, but keep getting small patch updates since then, one per each restart and login of the game... Up to 1.11.2 now, so will see how it goes...

08-03-06, 08:05 AM
Lets not forget Battlefield patches.. lmao.

08-03-06, 08:17 AM
World of Warcraft sometimes has large patches due to sizable content updates.

08-03-06, 09:01 AM
FEAR patches were huge. Mine downloaded at almost 10meg though. :D

08-03-06, 10:55 AM
I don't mind if it adds new content (and I'm not talking about those in-game ads in SC:CT, you assholes at Ubisoft). **** it, I don't really mind it at all on a 15Mbit cable connection. I just smile gleefully at the 1700KB/sec transfer speeds.