View Full Version : What is with Windows freezing when I put in any disc?

08-03-06, 08:00 PM
This is ridiculous. I assumed the problem was because of a single core CPU being bogged by Winamp and then autoplay or something (which still didn't really make a lot of sense to me)...but now that I've gone dual core, the fact that inserting a blank DVD into my burner brought my system to its knees stuttering is just ridiculous.

Does anyone else experience this and if so, is there a fix?

08-03-06, 08:16 PM
disable autoplay. that will stop it from unnecessarily reading the disc. you can do with with TweakUI.

TweakUI (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx)

08-03-06, 08:19 PM
Thank you, sweet prince.

08-03-06, 08:21 PM
Thank you, sweet prince.
np :D

EDIT: i didnt know you went AM2. thats sweet, how do you like it? not a bad idea, i hear AM2 will be around for quite some time.

08-03-06, 08:30 PM
Yeah, everything came yesterday...I was keeping it low profile.

So far...it's ****ing AWESOME. I can't get over how snappy my system is. I'll have to run some benchies and whatnot this weekend to put the new box through the paces. :D

The Bigman
08-03-06, 08:38 PM
I noticed that with explorer for years when you insert a cd the shell becomes flaky and someimes freezes or doesn't respond. I don't know why it does this but i did the same thing to turning off autoplay. And hey kyle whats up dude?

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