View Full Version : Will be nVidia capable to fix the Vsync - TB issue under SLI?

08-04-06, 11:41 AM
I would like to know from people in this forum if nVidia is working to solve the inability of his drivers to run the vsync on with triple buffering under SLI environment?

This is what prevents me to get seriosly into SLI just because I can not stand the tearing when the vsync is off

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Xion X2
08-04-06, 11:49 AM
Ditto, bro. It pretty much sucks, doesn't it? I'll give my own thumbsdown to nvidia/Microsoft--whoever is responsible for this:


I doubt they'll fix this with DX9 simply because it's been like that since SLi was conceived, practically. I did a search on the internet and found comments back from 2004, like:

"Wow, my SLi kIcKS asss butt any 1 else not abel to tripel buffre wit vsync turned own!?!? Hope nViDiA fixxxes this in future!!!!1"

Apparently, most PC gamers simply don't seem to care that much about this problem. Baffles the mind.

You can do what I do and wait for the next-gen cards to come out. I'll be going single R600, most likely.

08-04-06, 12:43 PM
Second best thing to do is just frame cap your game close to the refresh of your monitor.

08-04-06, 12:51 PM
Is hard to believe that all over internet the reviews are just talking about the speed advantage of SLI over Crossfire without comparing apples to apples. Running SLI with the Vsync off creates a lot of tearing specially under LCD monitors. Also is even worst to find out that you can not force TB under vsync and this will reduce the fps immensely, to the point that is not any substantial advantage in running SLI. So this makes me wonder what is the real benefit of running SLI over Crossfire when you can not have vsync + TB on?

Is very disappointing to know that the parties involved are doing nothing to solve this issue and I will take your advice Xion X2 to wait for the next gen of video cards before making any move

08-05-06, 07:51 PM
Triple buffering is not compatible with AFR, weather its SLi or Crossfire. Triple buffering also raises memory usage. When you build SLi or Crossfire rig and Vsync is a concern for you, you should really take into consideration your whole rig, monitor included. Me hugs my Mitsubishi 2070SB, yes she'e big and bulky and heavy but her colors are fantastic, she does 1600x1200@110Hz,
2048x1536@85Hz. Here is Nvidia SLi.PDF from the game developers conference, have a read.