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08-04-06, 02:14 PM

I have 2 7950GX2 graphic cards and joined them together in Quad SLI.

For your information my pc specs are :

Athlon FX60 (o/c at 2,93Ghz - stable)
DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR Expert Mobo
2 GB Ram Mushkin Redline ( 2 x 1GB )
2 x 150 Hard Disks Raptor 10,000RPM
Sound Blaster X-FI
Tagan Turbojet 900W PSU
(Just ordered today the Dell 3007WFP TFT)

Before installing the second 7950GX2 i had the following FPS in the following games :

BF2 : 90-100 fps
COD2 : 30-55 fps
Prey : 60 fps
3D Mark 2006 : 9117

I forgot to let you know that my 7950GX2s are the XFX Extreme Edition which come overclocked at 520MHz Core Speed & 1300MHz Memory Speed. I managed to overclock it even more at : 605MHz Core Speed and 1600MHz Memory Speed which is stable. I use the RivaTuner utility.

Now, after i installed the second 7950GX2 card i get the same fps results in all games and even a lower score in the 3DMark 2006.
I use the 91.37 forceware which is a beta one from Nvidia which supports Quad Sli for 7950 cards.

Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way to overclock both cards or if one of them is overclocked it means that both are ? Because i see no option in Riva tuner nor in Coolbites for overclocking both cards. (i just overclok one in the hope that both are overclocked).

My monitor is a Viewsonic 21' CRT and i tried all games with 1600x1200 resolution.

I will appreciate your help.

Thank you

08-04-06, 03:41 PM
Just to let you know, i downloaded Coolbit 3d and when i go to the system info --> components-->display it shows that i have 4 7950 cards but it gives information just for the 2 of them.

Why is that ? Is it normal ?

08-04-06, 03:56 PM
Uninstall the NVIDIA graphics driver from Add/Remove Programs. Reboot and then reinstall it. I have seen this bug before, where multiple GPU show up in the control panel. Reinstalling the driver fixed it for me.

If you overclock using the control panel, it should be overclocking both cards. I believe this is how the driver works.

08-04-06, 03:58 PM
First , its 7950GX2 not GTX ;)

second , you cant measure performance just like that .. BF2 -> 90-100fps , Prey -> 60fps .. there are differences ,percentages , settings & many other factors.

third , QuadSLI is still not ready to work properly in all games & apps. keep that in mind.
among the games you mentioned 2 games might take advantage which are Prey & BF2 .. but since Prey is already smooth on 1x7950GX2 & its framerate is locked @60fps (all D3 based engine games are) its hard for you to notice the difference. try heavier settings & higher res.

finally , what you saw for the VRAM & number of GPUs is normal .. sometimes the program detects only 1 video card's info & sometimes 2 of them so no worries.
& know that in games each GPU writes to the video memory separately .. so its more like that only 512MB of the video memory is being used by each of the 4xGPUs. so video memory dosent add up in games & dosent count as 2GB as what would you expect.

08-04-06, 04:28 PM
Hey Aragorn, I guess you know me. :) Welcome to Nvnews mate. Other than that, there's not much that I can say as I have no first hand experience with SLI. We have some experts here though, surely they will help.


08-06-06, 09:05 PM
Nce overclocks!;) I'm just wondering: how do you keep them cool?

08-07-06, 03:43 AM
big fan i assume..or a giant A/C next to it..