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08-05-06, 01:24 AM
Hi everyone

Couldn't find a "flashier" title than the one above. In advance, a big thank to anyone and everyone who would volunteer not just to answer but to look at this dreaded thread. Isn't enough we're getting screwed by Microsoft now add to it Nvidia.

I have a Windows XP Home Edition running on a system with the following specs:

Processor: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, Hyperthreading.
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE775, based on Intel's 865PE chipset.
No SLI, just plain Old AGP 8X
Graphics Card: BFG 7800GS 256 OC card.
Forceware Driver: 91.31
Monitor: View Sonic VX20-25WM 20" LCD monitor.
RAM: 3GB DDRAM, Kingstone.
Hard Drive: Two SATA hard drives, western digital, 250 GB each.

The problem is like this:

The following message appears under the "Non-plug and play drivers" under the Hardware tab from the system section of the control panel. Sound like an easy map...;)

I don't when did this "thing" appear or where did it come from, but reading in one of the posts on your forum, I came across someone who had the same problem, and was replied to by someone else who said that this problem might be related to Nvidia's DVD decoded a.k.a "HD Pure Video. I just had this program uninstalled from my system, before I installed it I never had this problem.

anyinsights on this problem would really be appreciated?

Oh one more thing, does anyone know how to stop the Nvidia taskbar icon from loading everytime I restart the computer. I already disabled the infamous "SLI..crap" thing, using, and thank you so much for whoever posted it, link. yet the taskbar icon won't go away like the pest it is

Anyway thank you for any feedback.

Best Regards
Ashraf Kadry

08-05-06, 06:06 AM
Yes, that's right. It's leftover when you uninstall the Purevideo decoder. Just right-click on it and select uninstall

how to stop the Nvidia taskbar icon from loading everytime

Type msconfig into the Run box and click on the Startup Tab and unselect NvMcTray or NvCpl i think :)