View Full Version : Tv-out bug

08-05-06, 04:04 AM
Hi! I have a problem with the tv-out function on my Asus Geforce4 4400 TI graphics gard. The problem is when i play games with resolution lower than 640x480 (I play old nintendo games ;)). It works fine on my monitor, but on my TV the screen flickers and it's like the TV won't accept the resolution. It's like it is to versions of 320x240 on the screen. One on the upper side of the TV, and one on the lower. I had no problems until I upgraded the Nvidia drivers.. I tried to downgrade them again, but then it couldn't find the tv.. had to check the "Force tv detection", and it didn't help. The picture on the TV was like snow when there's nothing on. This only happens with the drivers that are not 32 bit though. With all the 32 bit drivers the TV-screen flickers and doesn't work right as previously said. The oldest drivers I have tried are 77.77. I can't remember what graphic drivers i had before I upgraded it, but I guess it's something around there.

Can anyone help me (and pardon my english.. I'm from Norway :P)?