View Full Version : weird restart bluescreen problem

08-06-06, 08:32 PM
i just got a new dual core 4400+ and i have already upgraded my bios and everythign.

so i reinstalled windows sp2 from scratch and started loading everything up and the print spooler kept eating about 30 - 50 % of my cpu untill disabled (many people have had this problem with sp2) so i just diabled it. so then after i get almost everything installed i restart my computer for a routine driver restart and it keeps restarting untill i restart in savemode and run msconfig and do the selective startup (which gets me to here). normaly it doesn't show me a bluescreen untill i tell it to in msconfig

i get a irql not equal or something like driver irq problem. does anybody know how i can fix this?

i have
4400+ x2 dual core
msi neo2 plat
2 gig of ram (memtest have no errors)
6800 gt

any help would be appreciated