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08-06-06, 09:16 PM
I know there is a sticky thread above about raids, however it isn't very active and didn't expect to get much notice there.

I'm going to set up a raid , and from the guide above, smallest stripe size is best for today's games... so i was going to go for 4kb. Now, my only concern is that will that not perform well for the OS? Is there a happy medium in stripe size for games and OS?

Also, i was reading about partitioning, so if i created a partition at the beginning of the HD for games, and a second partition for the OS, that would be best for the games right??

I just want to get this straight, any feedback would be appreciated. thanks

08-07-06, 01:30 PM
I usually just use auto configure for strip sizes, as it will pick the best size for your setup. I think mine is set at 32K which is about middle of the road.

Yes if you created a partition at the beginning of the drive whatever is in that partition is going to have the fastest transfer rates. So that would be the way to get the best loading speeds for games.