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08-07-06, 08:01 AM

Quake Wars Modding Presentation at QuakeCon 2006

- PlanetQuake4 QuakeWars Modding Presentation (http://www.planetquake4.net/download.php?op=stream&lid=2334) - Streaming Video
- PlanetQuake4 QuakeWars Modding Presentation (http://www.planetquake4.net/download.php?op=fileid&lid=2334) - Download Video 250MB

A presentation by SplashDamage showing off lots of the tools they used to make Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The tools for ET:QW have either been written from scratch or reworked significantly from preview Doom3 engine games. The level editor used to make ET:QW is called World Edit which allows the real-time preview of megatextures and ambient lighting. A good portion of the video contains questions from the crowd dealing with ET:QW editing related questions. The presentation of the tools is conducted in a way that should allow even a regular person to enjoy seeing how ET:QW has made.

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I like it how you ALWAYS have a pic in your first post related to the subjact at hand :D