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08-07-06, 10:37 PM
I opened the readme on how to install the LOD texture mods and its like trying to read german! I am just learning how to tweak games my to run on my system to utilize every ounce of RAM I have, because game makers try to make there games run on all systems. But for those of us with high spec PC's we have to utilize all the resorces our PC's have to offer. I need very simple step by step on how to install the mods, after doing it once I think from that point on I can finely know how to do it myself. Zip, paste, base directory, comand promt, move file from here to there, you might as well speak german. Can someone PLEASE tell my how to install mods?? 1. How do you extract all zip files to Oblivion directory? 2. How to mannuly add the contents to txt files to your existing archive txt. files? It seem easy but without a basic understanding I'm lost.

PC specs: P4 3Ghz, 2GB DDR2 PC4200, 7800GTX 256MB, Neo 480, Nec 19" 8ms LCD

08-08-06, 12:36 PM
well u sohuld jsut be able to Save As the file and jsut hit open when its done, use whatever the program has to offer or just paste a mod into your oblivion folder i tihnk. then when u launch oblivion, go to Data Files and enable it. this is all i know =/ havent downlaoded a mod in a while :( for tweak programs such as TweakOblivion, theres a link in one of the threads or u can google it, u save it anywhere and it works all the time. it edits the .ini files by your preference: ie: Enable LOD bla bla, and u simply check boxes and then save the file and your done