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Elvin Presler
08-08-06, 04:33 PM
Ok, I used to just clean out the nvapps.xml before installing drivers to clean up the profile mess and then make my own. This does not work any more. So now I am forced to deal with them and here's the problems:

I HATE the new control pannel, so lets just get that out of the way right off. It's clumsy, buggy, slow and just plain hard to use. I left the ATI camp and came back to nvidia because of ATI's crap new CP...here we go again. I don't want preset junk I can't even see interfering with the way I WANT my profiles to be. I don't want any little secret optimizations getting applied to make my games look like poo so nvidia can claim to get 2 frames per second more than ATI.

Now, using the old CP, only a few of the preset profiles that exist are even viewable! If I try to create a profile of my own it simply fails and goes back to showing Global settings before I can even enter any settings. I assume because I am making a profile conflicting with an "invisible" preset one. Switching to the slow, cumbersome, POS, new CP I can see the preset profile (i didnt know existed before) for the same game and the bugged new one I tried to create which is NOT viewable in the old CP where I tried to create it.

Sometimes while making a profile, I notice it applys some of the settings (usually antialiasing) to the global settings as well, then I have to go fix that as well after. It's a convoluted, annoying mess in there.

If I edit the nvapps.xml to clean all that unwanted profile mess out, it looks clean in the CP...but, unlike the older driver like 7805, I still can't create my own profiles. I assume all those default ones are stored somewhere else besides the nvapps.xml and they are still conflicting.

Can anyone tell me how to make this garbage work like normal?!?! Preferably a method to completely wipe out all of nvidia's damned preset garbage so I can actually make my own. I just want functioning drivers, not all this bloat and added, bug infested crap already! It's like they try so hard to make it "easy" with all the hand holding that they make it harder and more buggy instead. Why in the Hell, are the default profiles unremovable in the first place?

08-08-06, 05:47 PM

I'm one of those SLI users who doesn't mind the extra profiles. They help more than they hurt IMO.

It is likely you are making mistakes in the xml file which is why it won't show up properly.

And yes, compatibility tweaks are also stored in the registry. So if you delete all the profiles it still doesn't delete the compatibility tweaks. NVIDIA makes it fool proof in this regard, because deleting those would be silly..

08-08-06, 05:52 PM
I'm using the classic CP & can still manage/create my own profiles as i desire.

Elvin Presler
08-08-06, 06:15 PM
SH64, are you getting the full list of preset profiles in the old CP? Set it to the new one and look at the HUGE list of games, then back to the old one and see if you have the same list. I don't. I didn't count them but I'd say only about a third of them show up in the old CP, and any time I try to create a profile for a game that does not show up in the old CP but is in the new one (Prey for example), it goes haywire. This is before I tried editing anything by the way, so I didn't screw it up.

I have found the list of profile exe's in the registry, but that's about it.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak\NvCplAppNamesStored]
They show up seemingly at random, probably after making changes to one of them in the CP or maybe after one of them gets actually used or something.

My main problem is the profiles that don't show up in the old CP and conflict when I try to create one.

EDIT: After more fooling around with it, I've found that if I create a new profile, point it to the FEAR.EXE and name it FEAR, ignore the fact it jumps back to "global" and continue with the settings, then "modify" and save it changing the name from Global back to FEAR again, apply, etc. and it does not show up in the list. Then reboot and it does start to show up and you can go about editing it or whatever. So they do work...just in a really convoluted, buggy mess.

This is wether I edit/clean up the nvapps.xml or not. So I guess I can just go on cleaning my nvapps.xml as usual and go through this long ass, pain in the ass procedure, thanks to the new POS control pannel being rammed down our throats...to simplify all this, right? /rolleyes.

FYI, this is my edited nvapps.xml that I replace "nvapps.xm_" with before installing the drivers now. My dummy/placeholder profile doesn't show up either, unless I leave some bs "predefined" settings from a default profile. I guess it just wants to see something predefined or it rejects it. Whatever.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<INFO Number="3423859849"/>
<PROFILE Label="z-dummy">
<APPLICATION Label="z-dummy.exe"/>
<PROPERTY Label="ogl_extension" Value="4520" Itemtype="predefined"/>
<PROPERTY Label="conformant_texture_clamp" Value="2" Itemtype="predefined"/>
<PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="2" Itemtype="predefined"/>

08-08-06, 11:08 PM
Man, just use Nhancer. It's a much better tool.

08-09-06, 03:52 AM
I hate the new control panel, sucks big time...

Elvin Presler
08-09-06, 03:56 AM
The plan is to reduce the amount of extra junk, not add more. I rarely even use profiles at all, which is why I want them gone anyway, so I don't have to dig through a huge list of profiles for games I don't even own to find the one profile I do want to use.

08-09-06, 06:09 AM
The plan is to reduce the amount of extra junk, not add more. I rarely even use profiles at all, which is why I want them gone anyway, so I don't have to dig through a huge list of profiles for games I don't even own to find the one profile I do want to use.

I just keep one edited nvapps.xml for the games I have and after a driver install I ditch the new one. Works great for me. I'm currently using the 85.96's btw, just a classic cp and sweet performance.


Just disable instrumentation if you try these.

Elvin Presler
08-09-06, 09:48 PM
I tried those just for kicks, though I don't really trust 3rd party driver mods...unless I'm the 3rd party. They're not bad, but the 91.33's are easily the best performers I have seen on my system. They also have really nice image quality. Problem is, they also have a lot of weird graphic glitches, like lighting and reflections. Anywhere light is reflected on water, or shines in a window, it flickers on and off depending on my angle. That and the hosed up friggin new CP. Very annoying.

My quickie FEAR benchmarks with the ones I tried (min/avg/max %over 40) At the settings I play at. 1152x864, 2xAA, 4xAF, medium overall settings:

1st: 32/59/103 96%
2nd: 33/59/108 96%

1st: 33/59/105 96%
2nd: 32/60/105 96%

XG 8596:
1st: 37/61/116 96%
2nd: 36/62/122 94%

1st: 38/68/129 98%
2nd: 39/68/127 98%