View Full Version : Not sure where this goes but it made me LOL

08-09-06, 04:17 PM
So, I click on Nvnews.net in my favorites and as the page loads up I noticed that they updated the news page with the whole....official Quad SLI release Extravagansa...or however you spell it...so I clicked on the Mwave link...


and saw the crappy cut out image they have...it made me LOL...they need to get better PSers.

then I clicked on the Newegg link:


and LOL'd again becasuse I think Mwave ripped the logo from the newegg page.

just some random humor is all.

BTW: Mwave selling the EVGA 7950 for friggen 579! newegg has it for 500!

08-09-06, 04:23 PM
Yeah I saw the $499 price at Newegg and it seemed to be a pretty good deal. Not HOT persay, but reasonable ... and better than the other sites listed.