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08-10-06, 07:51 PM
I've resorted to parting out stuff from my desktop system as I need at least some cash to come in before I have to pay the credit card bill that has my laptop on it. I'm offering the following:

1) BFG GeForce 7900 GTX. Full retail box with all accessories. True lifetime warranty with 24/7 toll-free tech support. Asking $400.

2) Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX. Again, full retail box with all accessories, including remote and breakout box. With this sound card, you can connect all kinds of external peripherals. I had my Xbox 360 running through it to my Logitech desktop speakers. Asking $50.

All prices include shipping to the US and Canada. I accept PayPal only from confirmed addresses. In addition to full cash payments, I'll accept trades of the Xbox 360 titles Dead or Alive 4, Far Cry, or Kameo + cash.

Heatware/eBay feedback both under saturnotaku. I'm going out of town this weekend, but I should have web access to check PMs. Otherwise I'll get back to you on Sunday.

08-12-06, 11:29 AM

08-12-06, 04:24 PM
price on the g5? :p

08-12-06, 11:53 PM
yeh how much for the mouse??

08-13-06, 07:53 AM
Oops, missed. that. :o

Mouse is $30 shipped.

08-14-06, 06:11 AM

08-15-06, 06:12 AM
The G5 is gone. Bump for the other stuff.