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08-10-06, 10:54 PM
Official website:

Armored Core 4 promises some major changes for the series, including a brand new world. The game takes place in a future version of our world as overpopulation causes shortages of food and resources. Six conglomerates attempt to form a new world order by starting a war. Faced with 30 new types of Armored Core units, people fall to the will of these corporations, and a new world order is formed. People reside in colonies under a system called Pax Economica, which can either be viewed as a form of socialism, or a form of slavery. The game begins five years after this new system has taken effect.

Gameplay details are still pretty scarce. Armored Core 4 promises to offer the fastest battls we've ever seen in a mech game. Of course, the game will feature all the customization we've come to expect from the series, although there may be a few simplifications to help beginners. In addition, while you'll have full control over your mech on the battle field, beginners will be able to automate some tasks.

Famitsu also reveals that the title will include network support for up to eight players. Details beyond this are not provided.

small shots but definately better than no shots

It's a multiplatform title for 360 and PS3, but coming out this november for PS3, 360 unconfirmed date.

08-11-06, 02:03 AM
Looks awesomely awesome. I played the 2nd one I think, was very good (subjectively speaking).

08-11-06, 05:04 AM
I dunno.. some shots do indeed look awesome and others just look plain horrible.

Again no dense tree foilage, just plain barren valley's ?

08-11-06, 09:20 AM
Would be kind of cool to have a mech fight in a forest of some sort but those shots look pretty good.

The explosions and smoketrails look nice too. Hopefully we get some high res screens or maybe even footage soon.