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08-11-06, 08:47 PM
Hello all,

I am not terribly tech saavy so I hope I make sense here, but I just got a new comp put together and it has dual PNY GeForce 7600 GT's running in SLI. At high resolutions, WoW and EQ2 artifact. The artifacting is pretty mild, one pixel dots of color, usually green, sometimes brown or orange and sometimes they will line up to form a line along some seam in the image like the border of a cloud in the sky or a crevace in a rock face. This does not happen in 1024 x 768, only in higher resolutions.

The power suppy is a 550w Antek with two +12v rails, one at 17a and one at 18a. I have read in several places that this setup can have problems without 20a on the +12v rail. Now this is probably a dumb question, but I assume that 17a and 18a is not good enough and that I need 20a on at least one rail. Am I correct? Also, does artifacting that goes away when you lower the resolution sound like a power problem? I know it is not heat. In addition to running a couple of temp utilities to check I opened the case and ran a fan to suck the hot air out of the case just to be sure. It made no difference.

08-12-06, 02:01 AM
Doubt its a power problem.

7600gt doesn't need that much power. Your PSU should have no problems running your system. It has two 12v rails 17A and 18A which adds up to 35A total.

You could try a few newer or older set of graphics drivers.

08-12-06, 11:13 AM
Rats. That would have been too simple I guess. Thats for the response though. This one has me scratching my head (and a lot of other people too looking at google and yahoo searches I have done). I think I will just live with the lower resolutions for now.

08-12-06, 01:09 PM
Could be your card are overheating usally you what to get better cooler but i would take them both out and run each separate one of your card could be going bad, and see if your 12v rail dip when you play the game in question.