View Full Version : CS:S Updates - Soon!

08-11-06, 08:57 PM
Soon, we'll be releasing the first in a series of updates to Counter-Strike: Source which will be focused on moving the core Counter-Strike gameplay forward.

The first update will include an updated version of the map Train, which will feature an HDR lighting pass, some minor layout changes, and a number of small bugfixes.

The second facet of this release will be a completely reworked radar system. There will be a significant change to the aesthetics of the radar, but there are also some fairly significant gameplay ramifications to the new system. One example: when you look directly at an enemy for a long enough time for their name to appear on your screen, everyone on your team will be able to see that enemy in the radar. We're planning on releasing this first update in about two weeks.

08-12-06, 01:01 AM
Sounds like some nice updates. Always nice to see more maps made HDR-compliant. Would be nice if they did that to all of them eventually so that it's more consistant.

I wonder what else they're adding to the radar system (at the very least I'd like it if it could mark recently killed teammates). It would be cool if they added a Perfect Dark Zero/Planetside type noise positioning system so that loud sounds show up as blips on the radar.