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08-12-06, 03:30 PM
Hello again. I have my quad system up and running but there seems to be some memory issues on the asus a8n32-sli deluxe mobo. I have 2 Gb of Corsair XMS Xpert series pc3200 memory installed on the system. When I have all 4 gpu's running in quad sli mode the system will only see 1.10 gb of memory installed. If I take one of the cards out and open the memory hole in BIOS and set the mtrr to descrete I can get it to see all 2 gb. As soon as I put the second card back in and go back to quad mode the system reverts to seeing only 1.10 gb. Has anyone else experienced these problems and if so what can I do to fix it. Thanks again for all the help. This is clearly the best unofficial nvidia site on the web.

08-12-06, 04:17 PM
Odd, no problems here, what bios version are you using? It's most likely a bios option set incorrectly.

08-12-06, 06:01 PM
bios v1103

08-12-06, 07:51 PM
bios v1103

That's why, you need at leas t1205 to fix the memory issue and add support for Quad. Go ahead and use the Asus autoupdate program that comes on the Mboard CD, update your bios to 1303.

08-12-06, 07:54 PM
Thanks. I flash the bios and now it sees 2gb. Here is another question. Now I put 4gb in and it only sees 2. lol. now what? :D

08-12-06, 08:02 PM
Thanks. I flash the bios and now it sees 2gb. Here is another question. Now I put 4gb in and it only sees 2. lol. now what? :D
That's a known problem with many mboards, here's what Asus says.

If you installed total 4GB memory, the system will detect less than 4GB of total memory because of address space allocation for other critical functions, such as:

- System BIOS (including motherboard, add-on cards, etc..)
- Motherboards resources
- Memory mapped I/O
- configuration for AGP/PCI-Ex/PCI
- Other memory allocations for PCI devices

Different onboard devices and different add-on cards (devices) will result of different total memory size.
e.g. more PCI cards installed will require more memory resources, resulting of less memory free for other uses.

On a SLI system, since PCI-Ex graphic cards will occupy around 256MB, another 256MB will be occupied after you install a 2nd PCI-Ex graphic card. Hence, 2.75GB memory left only if two SLI cards installed on A8N-SLI Premium while 3.0GB memory left with one graphic card without other add-on devices.

This limitation applies to most chipsets & Windows XP 32-bit version operating system.

If you install Windows XP 32-bit version operating system, we recommend that you install less than 3GB of total memory. If more than 3GB memory is required for your system, then below two conditions must be met:
1. The memory controller which supports memory swap functionality is used. The latest chipsets like Intel 975X, 955X, Nvidia NF4 SLI Intel Edition, Nvidia NF4 SLI X16, and AMD K8 CPU architecture can support the memory swap function.
2. Windows XP Pro X64 Ed. (64-bit) or other OS which can address more than 4GB memory.

I've seen people with this board and 4GB, but they didn't have Quad or SLI. There's honestly no need for 4GB, Windows XP only uses 2 max, unless your doing heavy CAD or video editing. 4GB forces higher timings and limits your o/cing availability.

08-12-06, 09:01 PM
I read that in the manual as well. I was hoping someone had found a fix for it. Thanks for the help.