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08-14-06, 07:18 PM
Okay so right now I'm thinking i definetely need to upgrade. When I say my budget, its firm, meaning it wont be increased. Keep in mind im not looking to upgrade TODAY or even next week. Im planning to upgrade in about 3 months.

Current specs:
S754 2800+ oc'ed to 2.3ghz
1gb DDR400
6800 vanilla unlocked and oc'ed
350watt enermax PSU

I'm looking to spend about $500-$550 on an upgrade. Here is what I view as my options.

Option A:

$150 S939 X2 3800
$99 DFI Ultra D motherboard or cheap crossfire mobo?
$200 Ati x1800xt 256mb card
new psu?

Option B:
I could go socket AM2 to "future proof" myself, however that would mean new DDR2 memory which would run another $200. Less selection of AM2 mobos versus 939?

Option C:
Is there even an affordable conroe option for me?
Mobos are basically non existant for this platform from what I understand.
No telling how long till availability of the chips themselves (at reasonable prices).

I have to say I feel really screwed by this whole PCIE/DDR2 thing. I feel im being forced to upgrade for no real tangible performance difference... Right now I think the only thing I could do is get 939...

So what say you, what should I do?

08-14-06, 07:43 PM
Go conroe or am2, am2 is a much more mature product though, the conroe was pretty much a ghost release, you still cant easy get one, and never for the suggested retail price, unless your willing to go 260$ for the processor, you wont be able to get a conroe, then youll also have to deal with the few mobos.

performance: conroe

08-14-06, 10:43 PM
I really dont wanna drop the money on 2gb of ddr2... The 939 seems like the best route for me since i only upgrade about every 2.5-3 years. theres no way i can afford to spend $250 on a cpu, don't need to because the 3800 at $150 is a nice value. plus i already have the arctic cooling freezer 64 pro which is compatible with 939/AM2 :)

939 3800+ @ $150
DFI NF4 Ultra D @$100
ATi x1800xt 256mb PCIe @$200

keep old ram, possibly a new power supply @ ~$75
keep case, optical drives, hard drives, CPU heatsink (for o/cin), sound card, floppy

total: ~$500 USD

Just dropped 300 on a LCD panel so I want some more power @ 1280x1024 than my current setup offers.

08-14-06, 11:08 PM
Should get a 7900GT instead of a X1800.

08-14-06, 11:22 PM
x1800xt is only 200 at newegg though. and its faster than 7900gt in some applications. Plus higher quality AF, HDR+AA, etc.

Xion X2
08-15-06, 07:54 AM
I'd go 939 since there's no performance difference between that and AM2 except DDR2, and many people aren't crazy about it. But one thing I would do is see if you can spend the extra 50$ or so and get a 512MB 1800XT instead of 256. You're going to need that texture memory on future games. The X2 3800 is a good choice; it overclocks well if you ever need to squeeze a little extra performance out of it.

08-15-06, 02:26 PM
I was thinkin the same thing Xion.. if i can afford it im definetely getting the 512mb