View Full Version : Panzer l337 Action - Dunes of War Demo

08-14-06, 11:42 PM
Are you up for some tanks action ?? here ya go ..
the demo is out for a month now , but since nobody mentioned it .. i will! :p

the demo is fun! graphics are nothing special , but the game has LOTS of effects !! & i mean LOTS of action going around .. dust , smoke , fire , explosions , breakable houses & objects .. you name it.
high LOD , glow & motion blur .. (though you cant enable both AA & motion blur).
@1600x1200,4xAA,16xAF the game is running decently for me except in heavy fire fights were framerate gets below 25fps . i think its taking advantage of QuadSLI :D (all 4 GPUs were heating up while playing).

oh also the game begs for a good sound card & sound system!
enjoy now .. thank me later :p

P.S. : too lazy to post screenshots. check the link for some.