View Full Version : I'm probably going to buy this very soon

08-15-06, 02:06 PM

But I'd really like some input first. I haven't bought an Intel system in a while and I've been slacking on keeping up with some of the newest hardware; I want to make sure these components will be friendly with each other. I'd like to play around with overclocking a bit as well. Any input would be appreciated. :D

08-15-06, 02:13 PM
From the research I have done, wait a month until the nForce 590 chipset comes out. It's going to be SO MUCH better than what is available now, and it will support SLI + Conroe a whole lot better than what we have to choose from ATM.

08-15-06, 02:13 PM
It all looks good to me. Should play together just fine.

Allthough I did notice that the memory had a $40 off MIR that ends TODAY. So if you are going to buy it anyway, you might want to pull the trigger on the memory at least.

You could also save some $$$ and get the 74GB WD Raptor since you allready have another drive for storage. Just a thought.

What else are you going to use? Video card, Sound, DVD drive, etc???

08-15-06, 02:21 PM
good luck getting one, the e6600's are in incredibly short supply

08-15-06, 03:03 PM
Yeah I was thinking about waiting on the new nForce chipset. As for hard drives, I do have a 74GB Raptor now but I install my games and stuff on it and I'm actually starting to run out of room! Also my two 120GB drives are almost full, I'm going to be getting rid of one of them as the connectors on the back are broken and I basically have to tape the SATA cable in place.

As for video, sound, PSU, etc., I'm just re-using what I've got. I still have no interest in an X-Fi card and I don't plan on spending money on a video card until the G80s are out. My DVD burner is pretty much fine as well. I'm thinking of putting the whole thing back into my P180 case, however. We'll see.....