View Full Version : Need LCD Widescreen Monitor Advice

08-15-06, 02:49 PM
I'm looking into buying my first LCD screen, and I really want it to be a widescreen. So I went to Newegg and I found this one, the Hanns·G HW-191DPB Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16824254005), mainly because it is a steal at the $179.99 price. :D

But, will my Geforce4 Mx440se graphics card support the widescreen resolution of 1440x900?

Also, what other monitors should I check out within that price range? Thanks!

08-15-06, 03:13 PM
Yeah your card might be able to handle it, but if you do any gaming you'll most likely have to bump the res down. I'd look into bumping up ur graphics card, even if you are not a gamer, a little bit, and then save up for the monitor so you can be sure that your computer will run smooth and look nice at those resolutions

08-15-06, 10:04 PM
I just bought a 20.1" BenQ FP202W and I'm LOVING it.

I don't know much about all those terms people use, such as "bleeding" and what not, so from a layman point of view, this thing rocks my world.

Been doing some Hitman Bloodmoney and Ep1 gaming, and I just love it.
Aaaaaaaaaand, you can't go wrong with the extra space in windows.