View Full Version : Old PC Pics

08-16-06, 02:31 AM
Anyone have some old PC pics? I was going through this board and found this gem :D

My P4 2.4 533FSB system with a 5800 Ultra. When I look back I can't believe some of the stuff I used to stuff in that case..lol



Here is my good ol 9800 Pro


I found plenty more pics ranging from 6800 Ultras to 7800GTX's.. the memories :)

08-16-06, 02:46 AM
Did you have a cooler on both sides of your 9800 Pro? Or is that the 5800?

Now thats hardcore. I just have a heatsink on one side and a Artic Silencer on the other of my 9800XT.

That was a good card, but it died a terrible terrible death my my sisters dusty Compaq.