View Full Version : FS: custom HTPC with Silverstone SST-LC18 case

08-16-06, 10:37 AM
For sale HTPC $1000.00 -includes UPS ground shipping - US only

I need to make room and get rid of some stuff I don't use anymore.

First thing to go is a brand new custom HTPC. The case alone cost me over $600.00. It has a 7" touch screen build into the case.

AMD 3500 (single core),
ATI X700 video card
2 gig or ram,
winXP 2005 MC, (OEM disk included 2/key)
DVD burner,
2 X 120gig WD hard drives,
TV turner card w/remote,
Asus SLI MB,
wired and wireless nic.
Link to the case:

Reason I'm getting rid of this HTPC is because the case does not fit well in my bedroom. It's made more for someone that had a rack of equipment. I really hate to get rid of this box but I have too many boxes already as well as another HTPC.

I can post pictures if needed.

Includes, complete HTPC, remote, original WinXP MC disc (2005), black keyboard and mouse as well as other driver disks.

ebay jiml1968
owner of FPSadmin.com

08-16-06, 11:22 AM
damn i would buy it, but i just spend 600 bucks on video card.

09-01-06, 01:28 PM
Update, price reduced to $900.00 shipped USA only