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02-13-03, 10:36 AM
I just got my new computer set-up and everything seemed to be working great until ...

Computer spec: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
WinXP Pro SP1
Pioneer 16X DVD drive on IDE channel 2 (only drive on that channel)

So I installed PowerDVD to watch a movie and the DVD drive does not reconize the DVD when I put one into the drive. As far as regular CD's go its been working fine. I used this drive to install windows and a couple of games. It was working fine the last time I used it on the last motherboad (Asus CUV4X). I'm thinking there might be some ASPI (if thats the right term I'm thinking of) drivers or something that need to be changed or updated but I dont even know where to get those.

If you could give me any advice as to what could be wrong I would greatly appreciate it. If you need any other system info I would be glad to tell you.

02-13-03, 02:07 PM
What is the model # of your drive? There are some ATAPI drivers on the pioneer website, but I'm not sure what model you're after.


Might that be it?

Or could this be a problem with the nforce2 drivers? Which version of those do you have?

02-13-03, 03:11 PM
I have the 115 model. I have the latest nforce drivers installed from nvidia's web site.

02-13-03, 08:04 PM
You could try flashing the firmware and seeing if that works. Its on this page.


02-13-03, 09:45 PM
This may be a stupid question but do you have dvd software installed?

Edit: read the post, yep it is a stupid question.
I have my DVD-115 drive (yes, same drive) on the primary channel as a slave to my 12x plex burner. (actually both are on cable select)

02-15-03, 04:01 AM
Well thanks for the suggestions. None of them worked however and of course I installed DVD software. I went and bought a new combo drive today. 16x DVD/32x cdr, it was only $60.:dance: