View Full Version : vp2290b stuck at 21Hz

08-18-06, 03:46 AM
I was wondering if anyone had experience with this monitor, It is stuck at 21 Hz, and for some reason the monitor cable that came with it goes in to socket A on the monitor and then has two single link DVI cables, and nothing plugged into socket B, I am wondering if I need new cables for this monitor, or does it require two graphics cards, or what, anyone know? I figured it would have a cable that uses 2 dual link connections, not 2 single link.

I can tell from the pins that the cables are definitely single link.

08-18-06, 07:19 PM
Well atleast I was able to get 25Hz by updating the firmware in the monitor, I am running it off a quadro 4 900xgl (2xdual-link) and I also tested on my geforce 6600gt AGP(also 2xdual-link) and had the same problem, I think I need the dual link cables for the monitor because the DVI's are missing pins, and it only goes into one socket on the monitor, if someone is familure with this monitor please let me know, the 3480x2400 is awesome, and perfectly readable from about 20 inches from the monitor using default DPI settings, which is how far away I am from the monitor right now, very nice display IMHO, but the 25 Hz, although definitely visibily better than the 21 Hz definitely needs improving upon,I have seen it at the full refresh rate at 1920x1200 and it is good performance, but no such luck at the full 3840x2400, thanks.