View Full Version : Help me with COMPAQ Armada Problem

08-18-06, 07:45 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm sort of new here!

My Brother has a Compaq Armada PIII laptop M700, he wants to sell it now but there is some problem

the problem is that its CPU speed in being reported wrong by windows.
The BIOS shows the speed of the laptop at 750 MHZ, but the windows system properties dialog box shows its speed at 597 MHZ.
I used many system identification utilities as well, including latest version of CPU-Z, but they all report the CPU speed at 597 or 600 MHZ.
whole 150 MHZ has disappeared. :o

I must tell you that HE bought this laptop few months back and when HE checked it, the person said that It is a mobile intel processor so it runs at reduced frequencies to save power. HE was not believing him, but when he showed HIM the BIOS and CPU speed at 750 MHZ HE was convinced.
Now I wanted to sell HIS laptop to one of my friends and he refused to buy it because he is saying its tempared, windows cannot report whole 150 MHZ wrong.

Please help me whats the real picture?


08-18-06, 08:08 AM
Disable Intel Speed Step, it is a power-saving feature.