View Full Version : Getting tired of this now...

08-18-06, 04:59 PM
Getting real tired of having to format my computer.

To cut a long story...

Il format my computer, install latest drivers and autopatcher and then bam - my montior will flicker for a while then handlock. Memtest, Sandra and Maxtor tools report no problems with my hard driver, cpu or ram. Im now left with a computer that fails to boot (moaning about a corrupt system folder in widows) I cant be arsed to repair yet as its late here.

Earlier I installed Windows MCE and was greeted with a nice "machine check exception" error before I had chance to install anything other then windows. I done a google on this error and it can relate to anything (which really helps)

Personally, Im thinking this is my nForce 4 chipset playing up as I never had a problem with my VIA rig and really regret upgrading my hardware.

any suggestions or tools I could use to check other parts of my hard would be appreciated. Specs in sig


[edit] I might just try my onboard sound, 1 dvd and remove the dps module tommorow, see if any of that helps.