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08-19-06, 08:44 AM
I was wondering if anyone else had problems similar to this with windows and the onboard NICs(gigabit) on nforce4 boards?

My problem is that under lighter loads(web surfing, ssh shell, etc.) the NIC appears to work fine, but when loaded(e.g. large file transfers) the NIC will eventually stop "working", by which I mean that it appears to neither send nor receive packets very quickly(sometimes I can still ping another box attached to the same 100M switch, but ping time will be 1000-4000ms primarily with a few that will be some tens of ms. Normally the ping would be listed as <10ms from windows...)

The same thing tends to happen after or during large file transfers from various website, e.g. 3dmark06 installer from any one of the mirrors.

Machine is as in signature, win2k pro sp4 + updates, DirectX 9.0c, 91.31 forceware drivers, 7600GT KO. win2k is on the WD 250G Caviar drive(setup under BIOS as raid 0 array with one drive, F6ed the drivers from disk and used a slipstreamed sp4 win2k install disk...), a 40G partition, with a 2nd c. 128M partition that I am using foor application installs. The remainder of the drive is partitioned into a linux swap partition(2G), and one big install partition(c. 60G). The board is a Biostar TForce4 U, it has a Vitesse chip for the onboard NIC(one only), and has a 3200+ (Venice stock HSF and clocks), 2G mushkin PC3200 DDR RAM(4 x 512M)

Is there any known conflict between SATA drives and the onboard NIC? It's the only thing that I've added recently, and before I added it and move my main windows install to it the NIC w/6.70 drivers, win2k sp4 + updates, 91.31 Forceware drivers seemed to work fine off the old IDE drive, i.e. no lockups. (Not having used SATA2 & RAID on this setup would I be able to shut down the machine and just move the SATA cable to another connector without borking windows? It's connected to port 1 ATM...)

I had a similar problem under Ubuntu 6.06 w/the forcedeth drivers, but replacing it with nvnet from nVidia's platform drivers seems to have solved the problem under linux, but now I am stuck with it under windows...

What I've attempted: (procedure below)
Installed the 6.86 drivers and first noticed the problem.
Uninstalled 6.86(as below) and tried 6.85 same problem.
Uninstalled 6.85(as below) and tried 6.70 same problem.
Tried selection to not offload checksums, same behavior.

Uninstalled all nVidia drivers, reboot to safe mode, drive cleaner pro'd out ALL nvidia options, rebooted to win2k cancelled all hw detects, installed whatever version of platform/chipset drivers listed above: smbus, audio, and ethernet(no firewall/NAM), rebooted, installed 91.31 forceware drivers, rebooted

any ideas?
other forums that would be good to check out? (I've pretty much searched anything even remotely related to this here, but didn't see much that looked applicable... also googled a bit...)

08-19-06, 03:28 PM
Go to nzone.com there is alot about failing onboard nic there, although mostly about NF3 and most about the Nvidia branded nic.

Onboard things sometimes fail, my old NF3 board the Nvidia nic died, I disabled it and put in a 3com 10/100 nic I had in the closet, it works better and is actually a little faster.