View Full Version : Where can I put some more heatsinks 6800

08-21-06, 02:13 PM
is there anything else I can slap some heatsinks on a 6800 vanilla (asus td)

08-21-06, 05:59 PM
Which model do you have of the anus 6800,you could get a after market cooler like a Zalman VF 900 Cu or the Zalman VF 700 which would work to ,and you might get a little extra out of it ,but it will run cooler with one of those after market coolers.

08-22-06, 01:48 AM
If the VReg's don't have any put some on there first.

08-22-06, 02:07 PM
are the vreg's very tiny,about 3x4mm on the opposite side of the cylindical lumps with 2v printed on them ?