View Full Version : help with rendering video from pc to hdtv via hdmi

08-22-06, 07:29 AM
the thing is i cant get a decent picture on my hdtv samsung r7 le26 when running video from my pc. the vga lead i have was exellent for this.
the native rez is 1366x768 but im already using the vga socket for my xbox 360 so hdmi/720p seems to be my only option (1x vga/1xhdmi skts)is there any way to get round this problem as the quality of the hdmi lead seeems to be crap compared to vga because it only seems to render in 1280x720/720p?
is there anything specificly
that will make a diff using the forceware drivers?

08-22-06, 08:12 AM

08-22-06, 10:06 AM
You can still use VGA if you buy a KVM switch to connect both your 360 and PC. That's the setup I have as my laptop only has a VGA out.

08-22-06, 02:07 PM
thanks m8 but i have already done this maybe i should have said .
i really was wondering if there was a solution to the hdmi problem as it would be just slightly more suited to my needs this way but thanks!:)

08-22-06, 07:00 PM
did u try adding in a custom rez and timing?