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02-14-03, 07:19 AM
Hi Guys..

I've been looking around the forum and other sites and have seen a few peole with this prob, even Mikec@nvnews.net mentioned it in his review of the Nforce2 , that after installing the IDE drivers XP took longer to boot (quite a bit longer).

I have the same problem, and a friend also has it , we both have the Epox 8RDA+ mainboard and latest (2.03 ) Nvidia drivers.

I noticed something (that wasn';t in the review or other peoples posts), in Event viewer windows complains (during bootup) of errors writing to paging file & timeout from NVIDE.....

I guess this is the reason XP takes longer to boot... But, My question is WHY? is there this problem and more importantly of course, how can I fix it...

If I roll back to standard (non-Nvidia) drivers for the IDE then it goes away and XP boots fine...

I see the statement when installing the IDE drivers implies that there is no support from Nvidia for the IDE driver...

Any ideas anybody? Have you guys checked your eveny viewers to see if you ave this prob as well?



512MB DDR333 (2 x 256 Transcend)
AXP2000+ Palamino)
SIL0680 IDE Raid
Adaptec 2940UW Scsi (for DDS3 tape drive)
Various HDD's..

02-14-03, 05:12 PM
i noticed that on my Abit board. I just assumed it was down to SerialATA RAID controlller.

My mate has the same board as u guys with an AthlonXP2600+ and his bootup seems unaffected. Altho he does suffer BSOD's

I wish nVidia had drivers support :S

02-15-03, 06:58 AM
thats a bit worrying... :S

are all NF2 boards affected?

02-15-03, 01:42 PM
tbh there can be alot of factors effecting your bootup speed. Its not just the NF7-S the epox one does it too. Altho my mate has no problem with his epox mobo.

Its most odd indeed. But tbh i never restart often, my computer stays on 90% of the time (better for them u see) so bootup speed is not much of an issue.

people should be more worried when it fails to boot :D