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08-24-06, 05:03 AM

The Inf says:
Signature = "$Windows NT$"
Provider = %NVIDIA%
ClassGUID = {4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Class = Display
CatalogFile = NV4_DISP.CAT
DriverVer = 08/11/2006,

08-24-06, 07:14 AM
Nice find, dowloading.Quick link too (650kb/s)

08-24-06, 07:38 AM
good, a new driver to play with

08-24-06, 09:16 AM
These apperently also have Trans AA for GF6.

08-24-06, 11:12 AM
These apperently also have Trans AA for GF6.
Yes, you are right(nana2)

08-24-06, 12:34 PM
Anyone else find it odd that all of the driver files are dated 8/11/06, except for nvoglnt.dl_ (the openGL driver) was modified yesterday morning (8/23/06)? Whats that all about?

08-24-06, 01:41 PM
They don't work on my 7600GS AGP . The installer says that can't find a compatible hardware.

The only drivers that works on my board are the 91.33 :(


08-24-06, 01:42 PM
hrm...I installed these drivers...running them now...3dmark06 crashes on me....but only during the cpu test part....it use to run perfectly before...then again I just recently updated my A8n32 bios to the new 1303...perhpas my Overclock setting in BIOS need to be reconfigured for the new BIOS? what a pain in the ass..

08-24-06, 02:10 PM
Doesnt work on my 7950GX2, installed driver then lost signal.... after restart gave message saying it disabled SLI and needs to restart so i'll pass on these.

08-24-06, 02:26 PM
well I ran 3dmark06...lost like 20-40 points or something like that...obviously no dramatic performance increases....

hrm.......probably go back to the .45's or maybe do the .31's....honestly though...I have found no increase in performance between the 3 of those drivers...


08-24-06, 08:03 PM
waits for laptopvideo2go modded inf

08-24-06, 09:01 PM
i would like to know if any of the drivers after .31 fix the aspect ratio problem of full screen on the secondary device. I love my 7900gtx but i miss ati's new driver every month, if something is broke, it will usually only take a month and its done, with nvidia its when ever they feel like it, or when there is a game that needs new drivers so they can win benchmarks.. sigh

08-25-06, 12:00 AM
waits for laptopvideo2go modded inf
You rang ?
modded INF and driver up :)

08-25-06, 09:53 AM
They are available @ ASUS now. They also include a new file.

08-25-06, 12:30 PM
You rang ?
modded INF and driver up :)
you pwn!(nana2)

08-26-06, 10:23 AM
Okay, I downloaded these from laptopvideo2go.com and ran 3DMark06 4 times with different settings and here is what I got...

Everything OFF/Image Quality @ High Performance: 5303
Everything OFF/Image Quality @ High Quality: 5301
Application Controlled/High Quality: 5182
AA 8xS/AF 16x/VSync ON/TB ON/TA Supersampling/GCA ON/Neg LOD CLAMP: 3735 (this is what I always keep my settings at)

08-27-06, 11:38 PM
i really like these drivers

08-28-06, 03:51 AM
Break up the scores if you can on the 3dmark06.

On a side note..intresting how HQ/Quality (all off) has no effect on perfermance...did nvidia actually improve IQ without giving up fps?..i really doudt it though..its a massive fps killer for me even on my gx2...its still smooth..but i loose my uber fps..sometimes -.-

08-28-06, 07:57 PM
Really great drivers for me with no problems at all.

Performance in Call of Juarez Demo seemed to have almost doubled. Its perfectly smooth now at 1280x1024 where before it was laggy at 1024x768....

Just thought I would share that~!

Was posted on Guru3d...thought those who still have this demo installed give it a shot..

08-29-06, 05:12 AM
Downloaded the Tweaks R Us version for my 7950..so far so good.

08-30-06, 04:46 PM
.47 fixed a issue thats been around since 91.29

fog in NWN no longer creates weird outlines

08-30-06, 04:55 PM
Can you add custom resolutions with this driver? The custom resolutions feature is broken on my current 91.45 driver.

08-31-06, 11:33 AM

WHQL version 32&64bit

Date du driver: 11/08/2006
WHQL: 30/08/2006

08-31-06, 12:24 PM