View Full Version : Thrustmaster Rechargeable Wireless Gamepad(need help from UK members)

08-24-06, 08:50 AM
I was looking for a new gamepad and i came across this amazing gamepad.

its wireless, it has an rechargeable station, and dual triggers.

but there is one problem, its only sold in Europe, i just don't get why, it charges thru USB, so there is no power issues.

I was wondering if there is any UK based stores, that would ship to US?

08-24-06, 10:49 AM
My brother found one on ebay and it came from Australia.

When it arrived it actually wasnt the same one. It takes normal AA batteries. So if you do find one online, make sure its the rechargable one with the dock.

Also, it was a bit of a pain getting it all set up and working since it seems to have a problem with Flatout 2 (though its most likely a problem with the game).

We ended up using keyboard emulation software for that game.

The controller itself works really well though once you get it set up properly.

For some reason, something inside the left analog trigger sounded like it snapped off and is now rolling around inside the thing, but it still seems to work ok. This happened the first day we used it (months ago), so I dont know really know what it was.

If you can find one, go for it, but I wouldnt go out of your way to get one. The support seems pretty lacking, so I think that really holds back the potential of this controller.

It seems like anything that isnt realeased in the US automatically gets zero support from the manufacturer... I've been running into that a LOT lately.