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08-24-06, 11:41 AM
I have a blurring effect that happens with my quad sli system. It looks alot like dvds that are made to be used with 3d glasses. I have changed everything in my pc and still have the problem. I have also tried multiple drivers. It seems to happen after the cards are on for a period of time. I have always been one to keep my pc's running all the time, but I am going to try turning off my pc when I am not using it. I am running:
2 msi 7950 gx2 cards
Intel 6600 Core 2 duo
Asus P5N32 Delux
1k watt psu
50" pioneer plasma
I hope that there are some settings that will prevent this problem.
Has anyone else had this problem and did they get it corrected??

08-24-06, 12:41 PM
Have you tried changing SLI modes? In the classic nvidia control panel goto performance and quality settings. Hit the dropdown menu in the center and set it to show advanced settings. Now scroll down in the list and you will find the SLI rendering mode. Try changing it to Alternate Frame Rendering or SLI Anti Aliasing and test your games. Note SLIAA mode will give you a slight drop in performance but I have noticed that older games that will not work with quad SLI seem to run flawlessly in SLIAA mode. Some people do not recommend changing SLI modes (or anything else) in your driver control panel. I have had no problems just don't change alot of stuff in the driver panel or you may have to completely re-install your video drivers.

Of course your problem could also be heat. Since these cards idle at about 60c. Does your case have sufficent airflow? Have you checked the temps of the cards when you start to see these errors? If they are going beyong 90c you have a serious heat issue. Good Luck.