View Full Version : dead DVD drive?

02-14-03, 10:15 AM
I have a Pioneer 16x DVD drive, model 116 I think? For about a month it keeps locking up when I read anything from it, data, music, or DVD video. I tried a CD Player cleaning kit for 8bucks from my car stereo (the kind with a brush actually attached to the CD itself), but it did nothing. In fact the cleaning kit is suppose to make a tone while cleaning, and it locked up too in Media Player!

Any other ideas, or am I out of luck and should just buy a new one?

My CDRW drive is on the same cable and IDE controller and it has no problems (set as slave).

02-14-03, 11:14 AM
you should boot the PC with only the power connected to the DVD drive (preferebly into your bios) then after it is done initializing itself jiggle the power cable a little. This is to test to see if it is loosing power at all. If you hear or see the drive reinitialize then you may want to try re-soldering the power connectors to the PCB. If after that you believe it is a mechanical problem, you're down a sh!t creek without a paddle. You usually cannot but individual parts from manufacturers of optical drives. There is light though, they are pretty cheap now.

BTW: have you checked the warranty.

02-14-03, 11:18 AM
probably not gonna work, but you can try it as primary on another ide channel, try another molex connector... yes and dvd drives are very cheap these days, i got my liteon for $60