View Full Version : can map but not ping to NT server?

02-14-03, 10:21 AM
At work one of the NT servers is misbehaving. You can map to it thru Novel or Microsoft Networking, but we can't ping it by name or even the IP address.

Any ideas why? It's causing some people problems and we think it may have something to do with the lack of ability to ping.

02-14-03, 11:04 AM
OK i know this sounds impossible, but i have seen it twice now. The MAC adress of the NIC may be the same as another on the network. Which tells your DHCP server (or router) to hand the same IP to two NICs. This can cause the server to not respond properly on the network, such as not being able to ping it, or even map but not ping. Oh and make sure DNS is setup properly on the server, maybe why you can't ping it by name. The second time i saw this was only a week ago, it was an intel card and a network printer/copier!!!

02-16-03, 01:48 AM
Ummmmmmm............. Did it help?

02-16-03, 02:20 AM
is the router blocking ICMP requests?

02-16-03, 02:39 AM
I don't believe he would be able to map if that were so.

02-17-03, 02:26 PM
Originally posted by poursoul
I don't believe he would be able to map if that were so.

No, it is possible to block all ICMP packets and still be able to "map" a drive as NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT) doesn't use ICMP packets.

02-18-03, 05:47 AM
no answer at this time, the server is supported by a third party and we are not allowed to work with it much. My job is from a desktop support end, but when we find out whats going on I'll let you guys know. Thanks for your help.