View Full Version : graphics cards for under $200

08-25-06, 04:53 PM
I've been searching online for a new graphics card.
After reading this article (http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/08/25/sub_200_pci_express_graphics_card_showdown/) and doing some price matching I've concluded on making a purchase with Nvidia's Geforce 7600 GT.

Anyone else own this card that would care to make a comment regarding its performance over other cards on the market (within a -$200 budget)?


08-26-06, 12:13 AM
supposidly Nvidia will be releasing retail versions of the 7900GS for under $200 that should be faster than the 7600GT.. and also lower the price of the 7600GT.

woot somehow had a OEM batch of the 7900GS for $139.. not any more..

08-26-06, 01:05 AM
yes 7900gs should have overclocked 7800gt performance