View Full Version : XFX 7800GTX took a poop?

08-26-06, 10:14 PM
Hey guys, just bought a 7800GTX from someone on the internet, but it came crapped so here's the problem and maybe someone can help me out hehe.

My problem is, when windows boots, or even at the bios screen, it shows artifacts, but when I get into windows, the screen keeps blinking on and off, black blank screen ofcourse every 5 seconds.

Then I boot up CS:S and hell breaks lose, the first round it worked like a charm. 100+ fps, then after that, artifacts shows all the time, texture gets corrupted. different colors, etc.

Forceware I was running is the latest official, 91.31, this forceware did not have the blinking problem, but the artifacts exist, and it is SEVERE artifacts.

Backed down to 84.21 and the blinking starts.

My next step is RMAing it, when XFX is in business on monday, but maybe someone can fix this.

BTW anyone had Customer Service from XFX before? I live only half an hour away from thier HQ btw.

08-26-06, 10:16 PM
Suscibing to thread, not a bump thanks.

08-26-06, 11:05 PM
Wow. I just started experiencing this issue myslef with a pair of Sparkle 7800GTs. Artifacts in bios and boot, also in windows. Though more often than not I get a flashing screen. Sparkle recommend I RMA both cards, so off they went. Basically there is nothing you can do but RMA the card. I have dealt with XFX support in Australia. They tried their best, but they took along time. In the end a credit was given. If you live close by to the HQ, I'd wager you'll have a quick result, most likley a new card from the 7900 series.