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Capt. Picard
08-27-06, 05:50 AM
I bought a logitec LX3 the other day and is looking for a mouse pad. I am not willing to pay top dollar for the top of the range mouse pad but if anybody can recommend a half-decent mouse pad I would appreciate it. But could you be specific when recommending a pad. Don't just say Icemat. Please name the model also.

Oh, and also say what mouse pad you have.

By the way I'm a little disappointed with my LX3. It's a good mouse and all but it has irritating design flaw. Check out the pic. My middle finger naturally rests over the right-hand side of the mouse. but if I want to right-click I must first re-adjust my finger to be able to click the right mouse button. The side has a fixed "wall". :(

08-27-06, 06:24 AM
Using a Steelpad 4d, comes with a rubbery mat to put under it to prevent sliding.
Despite name its a plastic flexible mousepad, has 2 different sides with different smoothness, one smooth and one a bit coarser for ball mice.
Think its relativly cheap, and works fine for me.

08-27-06, 07:50 AM
wood...the one that my pc/monitor sits on.. with mx510 mouse

08-27-06, 08:00 AM
Steelpad QcK+.Large,stable and tracks perfect.

08-27-06, 10:16 AM
I've got a Steelpad QcK, I think it was around $12.

08-27-06, 10:28 AM
A red Icemat. Whats up sheet of glass. :D


08-27-06, 10:45 AM
Icemat Rev. 2

08-27-06, 02:30 PM
Steelpad QcK+. Right now though I'm using a Black Supermat, I'm gunna get a QcK+ Heavy and maybe an Eyepad Deskpad eventually.

08-27-06, 03:38 PM
A red Icemat. Whats up sheet of glass. :D

Same here! :)

My only complaint with it is that its nowhere near the color they said itd be. Mine is like a foggy red-orange color. Its pretty ugly, but it works great. :D

08-27-06, 03:46 PM
I have a Blekin padded mouse pad due to the fact that I cannot stand having my wrist hurt from just using the mouse. Same reason why I have a wrist guard with my keyboard as well.

08-27-06, 04:47 PM
I have had a Func Surface 1030 mouse pad for a long time now and I love it to death :P

08-27-06, 09:22 PM
Im using a MX510 mouse and a nearly 3 year old Best Buy mouse pad lol, you dont need anything fancy w/ optical mice.


08-27-06, 09:44 PM
I have a Everglide http://www.everglide.com/ (pirate)

08-27-06, 09:59 PM
I'm using a cheap RantoPad that came free with an online order. Works really well, plastic surface with rubber base. Lots of mousing space.

08-27-06, 10:07 PM
Do you guys suggest getting one? Ever since the laser mice have come out I haven't been using one.

08-27-06, 10:48 PM
Icemat Rev. 2
Ditto. Mine is blue. And I love it. :D

08-27-06, 11:15 PM
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817114182 I Use the XTRAC Ripper XL

08-27-06, 11:45 PM
honestly, if you have a laser or optical mouse, there is no need for a pad.

08-28-06, 12:03 AM
honestly, if you have a laser or optical mouse, there is no need for a pad.

True. Except some desks just don't feel right. Whenever I can I go without a mat, that way you can have as much space as you can clear away on your desk.

08-28-06, 12:24 AM
I call her ol' greasy

http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/3488/ewwrm7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

I have never been to kenniwick computer co. I have no effing idea of how I even came about this pad I just know Ive had it for about 7 year and many systems

08-28-06, 12:51 AM
10 year old, original, Gateway 2000 mouse pad.


Sry bout the chips, to lazy to take a new pic. lol

08-28-06, 01:02 AM
I see your starting a collection of "Potato chips that look like famous people".

08-28-06, 01:43 AM
honestly, if you have a laser or optical mouse, there is no need for a pad.
Ehh... it depends on the surface and what you're using the mouse for.

Doing any precise work, whether it be gaming or graphics, is very hit or miss on most surfaces that arent designed for mousing.

I used one of those old school arm desk things as my mousing surface for a while, but things always felt smoother and much more accurate on a real mouse pad. My Icemat is the best I've ever had. The only bad thing about the surface is that its SO smooth and SO hard that even little bits of dust make it feel like your trying to mouse over gravel. I end up wiping it off a lot, but I never find myself having any tracking problems or inconsistancies with sensitivity. Most other surfaces I've used have been plagued by both of those.

I still have the radio shack mouse pad we used for Mario Paint on the SNES in 1993 :lol:

08-28-06, 02:34 AM
Icemat V2 Black, pulled a price match scam and got it for about $25 or so IIRC. Wouldn't ever pay $50 for a mousepad even if it were the best in the world :D

08-28-06, 04:03 AM
SteelPad 5L tracks impressive with Razer copperhead