View Full Version : Oblivion Crashes using AFR

08-28-06, 02:59 PM
Hey folks,

I've got an asus a8n sli deluxe MB with a pair of 6600gts. I'm currently using the 91.31 drivers, but I have also tried the last few releases to no avail. My problem is that I can't run oblivion with the default SLI render method of AFR. Doing so causes the game to blue screen with the nv4_disp loop error. The game appears to run fine with SFR. It runs with AFR2 but has mouse lag. I have verified that the cards are not overheating because the problem occurs even when I severly underclock the cards.

Any ideas?

08-28-06, 10:48 PM
First things first , look here :
& post your experiance there. we are currently verifying that AFR mouse-lag issue right now & your feedback will be helpfull.

forcing AFR not gonna work because the game needs some compatability bits to run correctly. so you have no option other than running in AFR2 (the defualt nVIDIA profile).

SFR will reduce/get rig of the mouse lag but performance will be less than AFR2 which comes accompanied with mouse-lag as all other AFR/AFR2 games.

so you have to pick what suits you most.