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08-28-06, 08:03 PM
Techland sent out a press release announcing Warhound, an upcoming mercenary-themed first-person shooter:
Because you are a Warhound - an elite mercenary on the side of good. The choice is yours. You've got a laptop and a map of the world. Presidents, businessmen, and ordinary people ask you for help where nothing more can be done officially. You choose a mission, then fly, clean and disappear. You get the reward and nobody knows anything. Will you lead your carrier to reach the top?

- Manage your carrier. SOS messages come from many places. Freely plan you way of a mercenary.
- Develop your skills. Gain the license of an Alpinist to climb harder and harder rocks, learn to operate new vehicles - from jeep to tanks and boats; practice shooting and test weapons on your own firing ground.
- Fight the way you want. Each mission has a number of ways to reach the goal. The number depends on your abilities.
- Go back to where you already fought. Enemies are like weed which revive in uncultivated soil. Many missions can be repeated many times.
- Manage your equipment. Buy better weapons and trade the equipment found on the battleground.
- Use the intelligence service. Buy information that will allow you to learn more about your enemy.
- Specialize. By completing tasks of given type you become a specialist. Build your reputation which will bring you new orders and will open the way to the top of the ranking.

- Support for all modern per-pixel lighting and rendering techniques, including: 64-bit color High Dynamic Range rending pipeline, virtual displacement mapping, multi-bump mapping, wide range of post-processing effects (depth-of-field, light blooms, refraction, heat distortion), high quality pre-computed lighting with ambient occlusion, pre-computed shadow masks, omni-projector lights
- High quality Spherical Harmonics Lighting
- Outdoor light scattering simulation
- Dynamic shadows based on global hierarchical shadow-maps using hardware shadow mapping
- High quality character models built from high-poly meshes using normal maps (bump mapping)
- Multi-morphtarget facial mimics
- Accurate simulation and animation of vegetation, fumes and smokes - reaction to wind, moving object, etc.
- Global Physics simulation system including the simulation of: rigid body dynamics, clothes, next generation muscle-skeleton ragdoll natural phenomena simulation: fire, smoke, liquid, electricity and wind effects, objects properties influence with liquids, surface parameters such as friction
- Effective and easy to use authoring tools
- Real time multi-layer foliage generation



08-28-06, 08:08 PM
Press releases written in poor English just dont give me a very good feeling about a game. :o

Screen shots look pretty good though.

08-28-06, 08:14 PM
it was most likelly translated using some translator

remmember techland is not a company that speaks english.

translation for Call of Juarez was done by Ubisoft.

08-28-06, 10:43 PM
Sounds like a nice concept, Crome wasn't particularly good from what I heard but maybe they'll manage to make something better with it's engine. Looks like it's been upgraded quite a bit, looking forward to seeing the HDR and displacement mapping.

I did get a chuckle from the translated press release though. "climb harder and harder rocks". Man, those rocks must REALLY be hard in that game universe!