View Full Version : interesting crash with 2 monitors 7900gt, 6150 onboard, Breaks down but keeps kicke

08-28-06, 09:46 PM
SO im pretty sure this is a heat issue but when i play titan quest, using a 7900gt, with a 2nd moniter on the 6150 onboard, the 6150 will cutt out, go crazy with dotted lines, or the computer will just freeze all together, if it doesnt freeze, then the game will run while half the computers crashed for a few min, and if you close the game, the other moniter will still stay messed up, which is a sight to see :) , anyway my cpu hits 44ish on watercooling, 7900 hits 66ish, chipset hits 70ish, 6150 has no temp sensor, so that might be fine its just the chipset overheating? or driver issue, as these cards dont always play nice

also my case temps get up to
38, pretty hot, but im in a dorm w/o ac, and my tower has 5hd, im not exactly if putting a fan on the chipset would remedy it or just spread around more heat

the 7900 is watercooled with a 120mm fan blowing on the ram, and another 80mm out the back, you would think that would be enought who knows

08-28-06, 10:08 PM
i don't know if it's heat, it actually sounds like a driver issue, and as far as chipset temps, that is as good as the 6150, the graphics processor is integrated into the chipset

08-28-06, 10:15 PM
hmm well ive tryed installing ones from the cd, evga.com, nvidia.com, in different orders and what not, they both show up in the nvidia control panel so im not sure what the dealio is

any suggestions?

09-10-06, 06:49 PM
Very interesting that you posted this,

I have been building a computer for a friend... since March (!!!), and have been having this same problem repeatedly; the first time around the board was RMA'd and replaced, upon second board arriving, it is still showing exactly the same problem as what you described above (very interesting colours indeed). I RMA'd this second one, and it was sent back as not displaying any problem !!!!!!!! The board is a Foxconn 6150-K8MA-8KRS

So I was trying and failing in re-install windows on it yesterday... however most of the time to problem even occurs at POST even, despite the supplier suggesting I re-install windows.

Anyway, I touched one of the heatsinks yesterday when I was trying to get it running, and it was freaking hot as. I turned it off in complete and utter frustration, to let it cool down. Today I am going to stick a fan next to it to see whether actively cooling it will make any difference, I am also tempted to remove the heatsaink and apply some AS5; because we all know that the machine-squirted thermal grease is sometimes... less than accurate.

I will let you know how I get along with this and if it makes any freakin difference at all.

Cheers, will keep you posted; have you had any success in getting the onboard stable on it?