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08-29-06, 02:45 AM
I posted this over at the Nvidia boards, wanted to give it a shot here as well and clicked as many google related problems but so far have had no luck.

I just built a new rig -

Foxconn NF4SF8AA
AMD64 3800+
72Gig Raptor 10,000RPM
2Gigs OCZ 3200
Nvidia 7900GT
550W Thermaltake PSU
Nforce 84.21 Drivers

Everything works fine until about 20 minutes of gameplay. Then the screen will freeze, the sound will stutter and then the sound will resume. I'll CTR + ALT + DEL out, close the app, run dxdiag and click test direct3D.

I'll get these errors -
HRESULT = 0x887602eb
HRESULT = 0x8876086a
HRESULT = 0x8876086a

On Direct X 7, 8, 9 tests respectively.

I've tried Z-tweaked drivers all the way back to 6.0 and Forceware drivers back until 7.0 and nothing will make a difference. I've reformated, rolled back to DX8.1, reinstalled DX9.0C, ran driver cleaner, uninstalled, tried safe mode, and three different version of Windows XP.

My BIOS is up to date, I stress tested the RAM and CPU, pulled the sound card, disabled onboard sound, nothings overclocked, up to date chipset drivers, everything is running fit as a fiddle besides this one little problem when gaming.

The card has an idle temperature of 32 degrees and in Warcraft III only hits 38 degrees tops yet DirectX will end up crashing anyway. I've also ran into the issue during various benchmarks, 3DMark2001, 2003, 2006 and NBench 3.1. There are no stop errors so far, nothing in the event log, and I'm completely at my wits end with this problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

08-29-06, 06:09 AM
I dont mean to sound like a bad person..it seems i keep saying this over and over..but i think you just got your self a crapped out GT.

First thiing check the ram on the card..(Infenion) is the new ram that is on the new supposed to be fixed cards..by 'supposed' i mean apperntly these new ones are no good either.

Next check your PSU..seems you got plenty..

Next get your drivers upto date. 6.86 Motherboard nforce drivers and grab the latest 91.47 or .45. Do driver cleaner first..if your not sure on the proper steps ask..but dont do a driver cleaner on nforce without actually removing it via uninstall first..make sure u dont do this..otherwise its gonna stuff the system.

Next..grab 3dmark06..run it. Grab FEAR if u got it..run it.. Grab ATI Tool and run the test on that for artifacts..should show problems right away. Next if all those fail (which i doudt..most of these will force you to restart pc/garbage desktop or the card just underclocks real low..)..another good way to test run the auto o/c on the nvidia drivers..

I had 2 7900GTX both crap out on me and to show it to the store owner i had to get all these games and show him the problems..the nvidia driver thing with detecting o/c is very good way but i wouldn't show that but here the ram will just crap out..i mean i cauldn't get the GTX to run 750 on the ram.it would fail..the ram is suppose to run default 800..moment you hit auto o/c..it will just say it cant do that..because it is not even stable at 800(default).

GL..most likely you have to RMA the card...i would just dump it and look for a x1950 or a x1900..7900 series not worth the problems mate.

08-29-06, 06:12 AM
First of all I would install coolbit and down clock the memory by 100mhz and see if it will work then ,I have a 7900GT SS that will not run deepFreeze in 3D06 and Quake4 gives problems ,but I can downclock my memory by 50Mhz and everthing works fine ,if this works for you ,you may need to RMA it.

08-29-06, 07:27 AM
Yea my GTX had to be underclocks on the RAM from 800 to 550-600ish..the core remained 650 and that was the only way to get the card to work..but it still showed problems

08-29-06, 10:49 AM
Yeah I'm leaning towards a dead card though I'm praying it isn't as the store I picked it up from is being a pain on returns.

I'm going to give the 6.86 drivers a twirl, I was running 6.70.

Underclocking doesn't seem to help, running at stock everything runs fine and overclocked 100-150mhz there are still no temperature or artifact problems. It scores well on all the benchmarks it's just this Direct3D issue which is making me rack my brain.

I was thinking of trying a 64bit OS to see if it's not a corrupt DX9.0c install on this copy of XP Pro I have. My driver problems in the past were due to MCE 2005, XP Pro solved those but brought up this new one. Other then that the system is running great.

08-30-06, 08:09 PM
I'm really out of ideas, I picked up a new card and still running into the same problems.

I suppose the next route would be to try a new mobo or PSU.

08-31-06, 03:44 AM
New card..as in new brand/model? or same brand/model..because if u went and got the same card again then your bound to get the same problem..my second card crapped out at the store when i ran fear

08-31-06, 11:02 AM
Nah, it's an eVGA card this time while the prior was a Gigabyte.

I installed the Tweaksrus version of 91.47 and tested a few 3D benchmarks with no problems.Then I ran the Nvidia stability test that comes with nTune and the computer lasted 6 hours and didn't see any errors either.

I'm afraid to try any 3D benchmarks for any length of time as I'm sure it will reproduce the errors I've encountered before. They usually run fine then hit errors around the 20-30 minute mark.

Edit: Retested, Direct3D crashed but instead of giving me runtime errors i Dxdiag the DX7,8,9 tests are spinning so fast they're unrecognizable. Games run after a crash now where as before they would say Direct3D could not be initialized but they'll crash again shortly thereafter.

08-31-06, 03:27 PM
What sound card do you have? And what bitrate are you sampling?
I hade problems with my SB Audigy when running games (COD & COD2) selecting
Try playing games with Miles Sound selected and see what happens, or reduce bitrate to 22Khz

08-31-06, 05:51 PM
Edit: Retested, Direct3D crashed but instead of giving me runtime errors i Dxdiag the DX7,8,9 tests are spinning so fast they're unrecognizable. Games run after a crash now where as before they would say Direct3D could not be initialized but they'll crash again shortly thereafter.
They're spinning that fast because you probably have VSync set to Off.

09-01-06, 12:39 PM
Nevermind, after a few hours of gaming the runtime errors are back in Dxdiag -_- I'm running out of ideas.