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08-29-06, 12:43 PM
Here's what I got:

Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 800MHz FSB Socket 478 - $60
Gigabyte Socket 478 - $60
Patriot 512mb PC4000 Ram - $25

All Prices are shipped. For $300 you can have the whole thing, case and all, and I'll throw in a 120gb hd and I'll leave the xp-pro sticker on the case. The only thing missing would be a video card.

FWIW, You are helping me buy a new skimboard and surfboard. If you want to donate more to my skimboard/surfboard fund feel free :D Paypal email is lindsayandersen @ gmail . com

My heatware name is brade and I sell ebay with my wifes account lindsaya2607.

08-29-06, 02:07 PM

and holy crap, 512GB?

08-29-06, 02:13 PM

and holy crap, 512GB?

Need to fix that. Don't tell anyone k...