View Full Version : new conroe rig, what would you suggest?

08-30-06, 03:28 PM
hiya guys, i havent been reading up on pc's for ages (very busy), need some advice for a new build - finally getting rid of my xp2600!

im going for a E6400/6600

single nvida 79xx (has to be for SLi issues and 3D glasses) - gainward golden sample fo' sure :D


not sure which mobo ?

not sure which ram ? 2GB matched pair of fastest possible - i see ballistix pc8000 :) ?

not sure which cooler ? (looking at the zalman 9xxx or similar?)
EDIT* - would consider watercooling - any good advice for a water noob? - can get a reserator setup for £100

a good power supply

i really want to be able to overclock this one, and not have any issues when gaming - and ive heard there is a lot of problems with certain ram/mobo's and conroes. - noise is also an issue (music will be made on this also - not sure if there are any parts significally quieter than others?)

thanks for any help guys - i really want to buy a good comp this time with advice on all of the parts

08-30-06, 05:16 PM
i am looking at:

Gigabyte S775 Intel 965P ATX GLan HD 8CH Audio ATX S/Pipe

Gainward GeForce 7900GT 512MB DDR3 PCIE DUAL DVI Golden sample

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Socket 775 2.4GHz

RESERATOR1-PLUS Fanless Water Cooling System

ND-4571 Silver Labelflash DVD±RW Dual Layer DVD-Writer (OEM)

Samsung T133 300GB S300 7200RPM 8MB

Quiet Drive Internal HDD Silencer

Xilence Power 600w

one of the things im stuck on is the ram to buy..opinons?

ideas/compatibility problems? i want this one to be near enough silent & cold:)

08-30-06, 05:21 PM
Nice. Why the water cooling kit?

Also why the weird name DVD burner? You can pick up a Samsung burner for 30 bucks at newegg. It even has lightscribe.

08-30-06, 05:47 PM
weird name dvd-r is just the one they had on the site with the cheap watercooling - it isnt important really - ill look into leadiing brands of scribing dvds later

watercooling because i make music and am getting annoyed with the sound of my computer. and its very cheap (£99)

08-31-06, 09:11 AM
check out this PSU:
PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 - $159 (http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/viewproduct.php?show=S61EPS)

also, it might pay off to wait for G80 or R600 (DX10 compliant vid cards)

08-31-06, 04:18 PM
What Gigabyte mobo model you're gonna go for? I also want the 965P and gygabyte ofers various models but I'm not sure I understand the difference..
specifically, whats the difference between the S3 and the DS3? From the products pages on gigabytes site I can only guess it's the "All-Solid Capacitor motherboard Design" thing... WTH??
I think one of those will be bset for me as I don't plan to overclock (and they are cheap :). What do you think?