View Full Version : I Unlocked my XP1900

08-16-02, 06:16 AM
Well I thought I would see a big performance gain if I ran it at 10*166 instead of it's default of 12*133,but benchmarking with 2001se I gain about 100 points insted of 10800 I got 10897,but I have'nt seen how high I can overclock it yet,I could get it to 148 when it was locked.That was a scarey job unlocking it,I have had the stuff to do it for about a month,but I fineally got the guts to do it,it was like micro surgery to connect them L1 bridges,but a strong magnifying glass made it easyer.I have heard of so many horror stories I just knew when I fired it up,I would fry something. But so far so good . Who else has a A7V333 Asus board and how far could you overclock it.

08-17-02, 09:53 AM
Does any body see big gains when they lower there mutipler on a KT333 chipset.And do you have to raise the voltage to the cpu to get it to go higher.And what is the default voltage for a XP2100.

08-19-02, 07:07 PM
Is the default voltage on a xP2100 set higher than the Xp1900.and for people you have unlocked there XP's do you get higher benkmarks or higher fps in games.